Pink Pistols Chicago

A club for queer and gender non-conforming people interested in firearms.

Who are the Pink Pistols?

We are a shooting group serving the LGBTQ community, with a focus on self defense and public awareness. The Chicago chapter is organized by Alex, a queer activist from Chicago, and Nate, a bi sysadmin from the north suburbs. You can read more about the Pink Pistols on the national webpage here.

What does the Chicago chapter do?

We hold a social meet and a range meet each month. Social meets are an opportunity to meet other members, share advice, discuss gun issues, and generally socialize. Range meets are when we head to the local shooting range, rent lanes, and practice our skills. Meeting dates and times change regularly, to accommodate differing schedules. For up-to-date scheduling information, please use the contact form below to request an invite to our Telegram group.

How do I get in touch with this chapter?

We communicate primarily via a Telegram group. Use the contact form below for an invite, or for general inquiries.

What do I need to attend an event?

No paperwork or prior experience is needed to attend our social meets. To attend our range meets, you need to either have a FOID card, or someone with a FOID who is willing to take you as their personal guest. You are welcome to come to our social meets and, provided you impress a member with your responsibility, ask them politely to take you as their guest.

I'm a straight ally, can I come?

We don't exclude anyone, but we focus our limited resources on the under-served queer and non gender-conforming communities. Straight attendees might not get much out of our club; instead, we suggest checking out some of these organizations:
Howard Brown
Center on Halsted
Youth Outlook
Operation Blazing Sword
Impact Chicago
Note that we are not affiliated with these groups. Recommendations are based on the chapter organizers' personal opinions.

How can I help support this chapter?

We do not accept donations. Per the national guidelines, "What we do not collect, a rogue agency cannot file suit to demand, and what we do not charge cannot be tracked or taxed." However, we are interested in providing speakers and classes for our members. If you'd be interested in hiring a speaker or educator to address the chapter, please contact the chapter organizers using the form below.

Contact Us

We reserve the right to disinvite and/or cease communication with any persons we deem disruptive, abusive, or dangerous, and/or any persons that jeopardize our relationships with our host venues.